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Me and My family

Me and My family

Maybe you have read many rags to riches stories online, but I won’t say mine falls in any common category. You see I suffer 95% hearing loss, and that is why I have probably achieved success on the internet because I feel comfortable communicating on the internet rather than trying to hear what people are saying.

It’s made me a bit of a social introvert because it is embarrassing straining to hear what people are saying, and when people notice you wear a hearing aid and battle to hear, they look at you as if you are dumb. Without my wife helping me in everyday living, it is an absolute nightmare. It is a sad society that does not have any patience for people with disabilities, like blindness, deafness, the loss of limbs, or other shortcomings that do not make us complete like you are lucky enough to be.

Imagine not being able to hear what the doctor is telling you, and often answering yes to things people say when you should have said no, and the funny looks you get because of that simple mistake. More than a few times not being able to hear properly has got me into trouble has had some humorous moments, and on a few occasions I have almost been run over not being able to hear cars come up behind me.

So what does that have to do with me achieving work from home success on the internet? Easy answer, I can communicate, I can express myself in the written word, and people treat me as a normal person online. I make a satisfying living doing internet marketing, and have made it my mission to help you and others achieve the same.

Yes I will bend over backwards trying to help you, answer every email I get and through helping others in turn helps me back.

My internet career began as a writer of SEO articles and you may be surprised to learn that I have written over 50000 articles since 2006. I have self taught myself website design, internet marketing techniques, blogging and affiliate marketing. It hasn’t been easy and there are a lot of failures along the way. Now I want to share with others the same proven ways I have discovered through trial and error, through courses and training I have bought over the years from wealthy internet marketers and from learning the hard way….How you can earn an income on the internet.

That is how the Eezywealth work from Home Group was born…

I have written some basic crash courses on methods to start making money online which you can get FREE and busy with more. You can enroll for the ones you prefer: Click Here

 In addition to this I have developed some incredible value products which will help you on your journey to wealth online. Those that have bought them have always come back and told me I over delivered and they are thrilled for the value for money they received. I have NEVER had anyone request a refund either. You can see some of these at this Link: Click Here

 If you need help with anything I will always be happy to help you anyway I can. Need a website built, need a blog set up, need content I am just an email away.

Richard & Boo Boo

Like anyone working for a boss you should ALWAYS have a backstop because you never know when the axe will fall and I bet only 1 person in 20 has one…

Why I help Others Try and Achieve Success online…

I know how incredibly frustrating it is trying to find legitimate work from home opportunities online for anyone, because a simple search in this niche can bring up millions of different results. I have personally lost quite a lot of money on business opportunities that were useless, some I was lucky to get refunds for…others not. It is also easy for people looking to make money online to get scammed, and when this happens, they will join the long list of skeptics.

Over the years I must say I have purchased some good material in my quest to become a better SEO writer and also to learn the secrets of what wealthy internet millionaires do, and today make a living from around 10 different income streams in various methods.

I don’t Want you to Lose Money at all!

Some people are in financial trouble, and thus desperate to earn extra money, and it seems so easy to do so online. This is how they can end up losing their hard earned money to offers that are so attractive, and well written that they are hard to refuse. I know how that feels and it is not pleasant. You are angry and have that empty feeling in the pit of your stomach when your hard earned cash goes down the drain..

.Stop Losing Money


Now to  help people make sense of the making money online niches I developed a website called Eezywealth.com  and went on to build two other websites to target different countries and thus do as much as possible to provide decent business opportunities that are legitimate, offer real value and are practical for any level of experience.

Visitors can find everything they need to earn extra money online or to find the best possible internet business guides, or home based business ideas if the desire is to work from home in a real business, rather than building an online one. I even have quite a few of my own products written from my experiences and created a package for people that desire to start freelancing careers called Type 4 Life

Can You Truly make Money online?

Yes… Yes…Yes You most certainly can if you believe it is possible.!
Any successful entrepreneur will always tell you that their secrets to success are that they never gave up, sometimes they had no choice like I did, and some hated their jobs so much they just had to find a way out!

This is the sort of mindset you need, no matter what business opportunity you invest in. The simple path to financial freedom and ultimately success to working for your-self, is investing in a quality business opportunity, taking action, persevering, and applying the effort! What you need to know about earning extra money on the internet is that it truly is possible, besides the potential is rapidly growing everyday with billions changing hands every second online.

Are you willing to work hard at building the business you choose, are you prepared to truly commit, and do anything possible to become your own boss, and do you want to study the information you are given so that you can learn how to build your online business?

Being your own boss is really possible if you have a successful business, and this freedom of having more money than just a set salary will contribute towards a better lifestyle for you and your family. By discussing your plans and goals with your family would surely garner their support all the way because everyone will benefit!

Thanks for reading

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